Art Placement and Installation Services

With 10 years of experience, we have been the choice installers for some of the city’s best interior designers, galleries, and large offices.


At SoHo, we see art installation as a combination of exact science and fine art. Each member of our staff has a visual arts background. We bring design awareness and an ability to create arrangements of objects that complement other elements in your environment, such as furniture and lighting. We have experience with paintings, prints, Asian screens, mirrors, photographs, posters, drawings, sconces and family photo collections.


We will help you with very step of the process, from the placement of each art piece, to the fine-tuning of the perfect height and balance, to the installation with professional hardware.  If you’re interested in a clean and professional-looking gallery style Art Hanging System, we carry the best one at an affordable price.


Our installation techniques provide the highest level of stability and safety for valuable and often fragile works. We have extensive experience securely hanging the most challenging installations.


We charge $100.00 an hour plus hardware.