Art/Picture Hanging System

SoHo Art & Custom Framing is proud to add a new museum-style hanging system to our line of services and products. Museums such as the Elmhurst Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Headley-Whitney Museum all trust this high-quality rail system.


The system creates the sophisticated look of a gallery while giving you the flexibility to change or move your art without the trouble of patching and painting all the nail and screw holes. This is especially important for unusual finishes like custom paint, brick and stone finished walls, or even glass walls. Once you install the rail that all your artwork will hang from, you’ll never need to take out your hammer or screwdriver again!


Art collectors will love our rail systems. If you constantly have new art coming into your home, the system will be perfect for you. You can change or add new artwork to a wall safely and easily. The classic system will also preserve the life of your artwork by giving it the proper support—something you can’t get from a few nails or screws in the wall!


The rail system can be purchased at our store as a self-installing kit in a warm white or stainless steel. Each kit includes a 78.75" / 200cm rail, 2 transparent nylon cords (perlon) or steel cords, 2 hangers, a wall installation hardware kit and mounting instructions.


You can also choose to do a custom rail system. We offer on-site estimates and full service design and installation services.




"Your stainless steel cable system is truly amazing. This system completely solved our problem of hanging large, heavy art works from the floor to our 16 ft (5 M) ceiling. The Self gripping hook made leveling each piece (an otherwise impossible task) quick and easy. Also, your knowledgeable and friendly staff are without equal."

B. L., home user